New Zealand Dairy

Imagine pristine waters meandering through lush rolling pastures; temperate climate, moderately high rainfall and abundant sunshine all year long. Picture plenty of rich arable land that stretch to the horizon speckled by healthy grazing cows. Welcome to New Zealand - A Paradise For Dairy Farming.

All over the world, New Zealand is highly praised for the freshness of its produce and its technology-advanced innovations. The world's largest dairy-specific innovation centre is also based in New Zealand and its continuous research and development activities help to deliver more value-added premium dairy products.

New Zealand's green land, clean water, gentle climate with relatively small seasonal variation and natural environment are perfect conditions for cows to thrive and graze outdoors all year round hence producing high quality milk. Moreover, its geographical isolation makes it almost pollution- and disease-free. Not surprisingly, New Zealand dairy has a well-deserved international reputation and is highly sought after.

Focus on Food Safety

New Zealand remains as one of the largest exporter of dairy products and the dairy industry is New Zealand's biggest export earner. To maintain its position within the global market, New Zealand insists on strict bio-security policies and food safety control.

In New Zealand, stringent food safety laws and regulations fall under the purview of the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA). NZFSA is an independent government agency which ensures all dairy products meet its high standards of requirement. In addition, an efficient traceability system by NZFSA tracks all dairy product movements within New Zealand and to its country of destination.